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Your City Lab - a project by OAC Athens team (

date: since 2013 

location: Athens, Greece

OAC team: M. Deligiorgi, S. Gyftopoulou, M. Petra, A. Paraskevopoulou, D. Filippidou, G. Kotsari, C. Nikoloutsou, M. Spiliadi, K. Tossouni

  Your city lab is a platform that situates local communities at the forefront of the production of urban space. It enables residents to assert their ideas on how to transform their neighbourhood initially by using specific design tools (i.e. Green Areas, Urban Furniture, Lighting Equipment). It focuses on identified areas of Athens with diverse space qualities, which the user can edit through a recommended tool­kit. During this process one will encounter and identify various planning questions and will be guided through a decision­-making procedure.  At the end of each proposal, the user will be informed on his/her own design and will view it in comparison with other archived designs. The final output will be an open source data collection of the proposals and their quantitative analysis that can be used freely from all the interested parties. OAC Athens will act as the main moderator of this initiative through public discussions and participatory workshops with local inhabitants and interested authorities aiming to influence the planning procedure.

   Your city lab participated in various conferences and exhibitions researching the identity of urban environments, such as the following:

- Adhocracy Athens, 2015,

- #‎ThisIsACo_Op, The Greek pavilion in the 2016 Venice Biennale,

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