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Technical Studies course, Year 2 & 3, Academic Year 2015-16

BA (Hons) Architecture (RIBA Part 1)

Metropolitan College, Athens, Greece

Taught by: C. Nikoloutsou

   The main project of the year is the preparation of the Technical Report, an A3 booklet, which analyses the technical and environmental features of each student's proposal in the Design module.

   Students need to conduct a thorough research in regards to the structural system that they choose for the building they design, to justify the materials that they propose and to design construction details and occupational sections that show the way that different materials coordinate and lead to the final design and realization of a built architectural project.

Student team:

Year 3:

V. Koulouridi, If. Katsioufi, A. Sirivlis, 

I. Spanopoulos, M. Sinjari, P. Kotsidis, 

A. Terzidakis, X. Mantas,  I. El Halawani, A. Mandalaka, St. Charalambous, E. Dima, 

C. Vasilopoulos, Th. Bakou, E. Apostolakou

Year 2:

M. Andrianou, S. Hamamjian, N. Todorovic,

N. Lertos, M. Vasileiou, P. Pantazopoulos,

St. Chatzisofias, N. Tsamalis, E. Mavrogonatou,

M. Karamitsou, I. Athanasiou, A. Charizanis,

A. Kavallari, I. Manai, K. Polychroniou, D. Prendi, St. Rotidis

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