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Technical Studies course, Year 1, Academic Year 2014-15

BA (Hons) Architecture (RIBA Part 1)

Metropolitan College, Athens, Greece

Taught by: C. Nikoloutsou

   During the workshop “Lightweight structures”, the 1st year students experimented with two structures that they constructed from balsa wood, and lated tested with specific weight. The goal was to create the lightest form that would  hold the 4kg external weight.


    Later in the year, during the main assignment of the course (as described on the previous page) the students participated in a competition which led to the design and construction of two free standing walls measuring 2,5X2,5X2,5 meters each.
    Through the course of the projects, the students had to deal with team work, construction detailing, time and budget management.

Student team:

M. Andrianou, S. Hamamjian, N. Todorovic,

N. Lertos, St. Chatzisofias, N. Tsamalis,

 I. Athanasiou, A. Charizanis,

A. Kavallari, I. Manai, K. Polychroniou, D. Prendi,

E. Georgiou, G. Giannakou,

N. Papagiannopoulos, St. Rotidis 

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