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Technical Studies course, Year 1, Academic Year 2013-14

BA (Hons) Architecture (RIBA Part 1)

Metropolitan College, Athens, Greece

Taught by: C. Nikoloutsou

  During the main assignment of the course (divided in two parts A&B), the students were asked to participate in a design competition, held within the school, which led to a winning proposal and its construction for the End of the Year Exhibition. 
    The winning projects, two pavilions measuring 4X4X3 meters, were realized entirely from the students.
   Through the course of the first part of the assignment (the competition), the participants investigated the characteristics of a temporary structure, the materials that can be used and its possible form, as well as the environmental aspects of their proposal. In the second part of the assignment (construction documents and construction), they were challenged to actively work within a group, take responsibilities and solve various types of construction issues and details.

Student team:

V. Koulouridi, If. Katsioufi, A. Sirivlis, P. Petrakis,

G. Spanopoulos, M. Sinjari, P. Kotsidis, 

A. Terzidakis, X. Mantas, P. Pantazopoulos,

 I. El Halawani, A. Mandalaka, St. Charalambous,

E. Dima, M. Vasileiou, V. Michalakos, S. Pavlidis,

C. Vasilopoulos, Th. Bakou, M. Vasileiou, I. Manai, P. Fotaris, A. Banteka, D. Diplaris 

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