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Room 18 - Pan-European Design Competition

date: 2016

location: Athens, Greece

status: competition entry (team: C. Nikoloutsou, M. Deligiorgi)

   Contemporary traveler experiences a constant wander between various urban environments, either by choice or by need. In every displacement becomes a stranger, as he or she has to temporarily reside in an unknown location. Thus, in every city, understands different spatial qualities in a different way in comparison to the local inhabitant and establishes a new conversation regarding the relationship of the locals to the urban environment.

   These thoughts lead to the design of a hotel room that re-visits each person’s identity in the city of today. In our proposal, the strict limits of space are diminished and the interior, mostly private space of each room, is united with that of the public space. The proposed room will be floating within the urban voids as an island in the city.

   Fundamental elements of the room are the two axes of circulation (public and private) on which the main spaces are placed, creating multiple zones. In addition, one of the most “private” elements, the bed, transforms into seating areas, promoting the dialogue between the local inhabitants and the visitors, acting like a meeting point.

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