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Paphos Beach Shelter competition - Honourable mention

competition entry on behalf of Metropolitan College

Team members: S. Hamamjian, N. Todorovic, E. Chatzisofias

Supervising faculty members: C. Nikoloutsou, D. Panagiotou

   The proposal called " Nature Beam" focused on the new landscape that could be formed in the Paphos beach front, at the Geroskipou area, as described in the competition's brief.

    It is conceived as the tesselated form of the structure of a tree, as it has the base (roots), the main body (trunk) and the roof (leaves). The nature beam seems to be coming out of the sand as a living organism and to grow by the sea. Also, through its multiplication it can form a 'forest' and recreate the neighbouring green areas of the city.

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