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Nikis Square, Kozani, Panhellenic Architecture Competition

date: 2010

location: Kozani, Greece

status: competition entry (team: C. Nikoloutsou, Th. Ntatsopoulou, M. Andrikopoulou)

   The proposal for the redesign of the existing main square of Kozani city, was based on the local product, unique on a global scale, the saffron.
    The saffron cells, characterised by organic forms, led the design and resulted in an experimentation based on the real necessities of the space. Thus, the existing situation and placement of the building volumes that surround the square, drove to the simulation of the square entrances to the saffron stems.
    This way, a net of lines is created, based on the saffron structure and formations, which crosses the whole area of the open space. At the main artery front, the lines are elevated, becoming a protective element to the inner side of the square, but at the same time, serving as observatories and green areas. The organic vocabulary of the proposal is underlined by the design of the urban furniture that is suggested, such as the pergolas, the seats etc. A very important element is the presence of water areas, which are placed on the same level as the main square. The design is based on sustainability issues and the use of eco-friendly materials, as wood and local products, as the Kozani marble.

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