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Apartment renovation, New York, NY, USA

date: 2009-2011

location: New York, NY, USA

status: completed

architectural design: C. Nikoloutsou, M. Valenti

structural design, construction supervision and project management: M. Valenti

   This apartment, which is set in two levels, is comprised by a unified space on the lower level - which includes the kitchen area, the bathroom and the living room- and the bed area on the upper level. On the previous state, before the renovation, there was a wooden slab for the mezzanine, which was acting as a strong separating element. The design team decided to substitute the wooden loft with a glass construction, in order to give more light and transparency to the interior area and to intensify the double height space. Also, there is a ceiling opening on the bed area, that, given the glass construction, can add extra natural light into the space.

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