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Open air theater

date: since 2015

location: Neapoli, Lakonia

status: ongoing design development

architectural design: C. Nikoloutsou

structural design: E. Stavropoulou, D. Sarantitis

   This  open-air theater will be located on a site that enjoys spectacular views of the Neapoli bay as well as Elafonisos and Kithira islands in the background.
    The design takes advantage of the site’s intense height differences and it is developed on various levels. The main theater is following the ground’s inclination and is integrated within the landscape.
    The visitors enter the theater area via a gate that is created by the two twin buildings (snack bar & ticket office) and can rest on a square that is created between the entrance and the theater. In this way, the site can be used at all times as an active public space, and not only at times of shows and performances.
    Based on the main views that the site enjoys, the architectural concept started from the form and idea of the ancient greek theater, and the way that its' main characteristics can be seen nowadays.
    The overall plan was derived from the various levels and program structure, and was organised based on the lines that started from the theater seats, creating various axes systems.

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