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Vacation residence

date: 2009

location: Kalamos, Kithira, Greece

status: architectural design and permit procedure 

   The residence is located at Kalamos area, Kithira. The formation of the site is unique, as a small hill is created with endless views to the surrounding areas.
    The design is based on the relation between the closed and open spaces, with the use of open and semi-open spaces that act as "breaths" to the interior, especially since the residence is meant to be used mainly in the summer months.
    On the ground floor there is a unified space of the living room - dining room which spans though the main volume, creating a slight difference with the kitchen area. The kitchen is creating another volume, housing the secondary spaces.
    On the first floor the bedrooms along with their bathrooms are found. In general, the facing areas of the residence and the climatic data are of a very high importance to the design.

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