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Infopoint Torino 2008 - International competition for architects under 35

date: 2008

location: Torino, Italy

status: competition entry (team: C. Nikoloutsou, Th. Ntatsopoulou, M. Valenti)

The competition's theme was 'transmitting architecture' and, in this entry, architecture was perceived spreading like a wave that carries energy, reacting eternally to social, technological, historical events.

Enriched with every era’s characteristic points and formally acting like a chameleon, architecture is either provocative or quiet.

Today’s architecture, both realized and virtual, carries also the element of digital reality.

The structures and buildings have  their own life cells, they react to the physical environment and to the users’ will.

They are moved and rotated, they open up to the public or they close again like a shell.

The pixel: the smallest unit of our digital world. As the built environment struggles to redefine itself, the pixel is carried along the wave of architecture and being spread, like energy does, in every aspect of man-made structure.

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