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Imagine the city: Pirgos 2013 - exhibition and parallel events

Based on a platform created by Imagine the city - curated by AFH Athens

date: May 2013

location: Pirgos Ilia

AFH team: C. Nikoloutsou, Th. Ntatsopoulou, M. Deligiorgi, G. Kotsari, M. Spiliadi, M. Petra, D. Filippidou, St. Gyftopoulou, T. Breki, S. Kremmyda, N. Karagkounis

   The exhibition, that acted as the center of a series of events, was based on the guidelines developed by Imagine the city, a non-profit initiative developing campaigns and projects which aim at the aesthetic upgrade of urban environments in Greece - 

   In the exhibition, architects and designers had the chance to exhibit their un-built projects and ideas about the city of Pirgos and the area of Ilia.

   During the period of the exhibition, many parallel events took place that involved the local community, as well as the academic community of the nearby university of Patras.

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