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Ilia chamber building - facade renovation

date: 2013

location: Pirgos Ilia, Greece

status: completed 

architectural design: C. Nikoloutsou

   The building, that stands in a corner on a very central point in the town of Pirgos, was facing very serious problems in terms of sulight, thermal exposure and high temperatures in the interior spaces, especially during the summer months, and this led to a high consumption of electric power and A/C usage.

  So the proposal focuded on intensifying the building's importance and position, but at the same time to protect its users from the intense sunlight, especially during the morning and early afternoon hours.

   Two main elements of shading were created, using wood, and the original form of the facade, that was comprised by many angular elements was simplified, by simplifying the overall form of the elevation.

Special thanks to Ilia Chamber for their support.

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