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Park and housing proposal in an earthquake evacuees community _Metamorphosi, Attica

Ecoweek 2011, Athens - a workshop organized by AFH Athens

date: December 2011

location: Metamorphosi, Attica

AFH team: C. Nikoloutsou, Th. Ntatsopoulou, O. Diakakis, A. Chranioti

   The project area is a 16.000m2 site, where a 1999-earthquake evacuees’ community is located, forced to live in containers, isolated from the rest of the surrounding citizens. The area sits on the entrance of the Metamorfosi municipality, on the northern suburbs of Athens. The area analysis has brought up various other problems which come as a result of the site location, as it sits on the intersection of two main roads (the national highway and the Tatoiou road), causing a sound pollution problem, in addition to the lack of traffic lights causing difficulty to the access to the area. The strategy of the proposal is to create social housing units for the earthquake evacuees, as well as the design of cultural spaces in combination with a park creation, as to integrate the proposal to the surrounding urban fabric and to upgrade the area. The general design (landscape+housing) is led by sustainability principles. 

Workshop participants: Dimitra Angelopoulou, Smaragdi Bacha, Christina Chatzipoulka, Despoina Filippidou, Elektra Fragiskou, Antonia Gkougkouli , Eirini Psaltaki, Athanasia Rizou, Panayiota Theofilatou.

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