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Architectural Design course, Year 2, Academic Year 2016-17

BA (Hons) Architecture (RIBA Part 1)

Metropolitan College, Athens, Greece

Taught by: C. Nikoloutsou, S. Mori, Z. Zavitsanou

    For the academic year 2016-17 in Architectural Design studio of Year 2 (Modules: Architectural Design Investigation and Architectural Design Resolution) students worked on the dipole Unit/Group. In the first module they conducted a conceptual exercise based on the moment of pause in the urban environment and how they can conceive the Unit of pause, which they later multiply, and on another exeprcise based on the analysis of housing spaces.
   In the second module, they were asked to design a multi-storey student housing building, combining it with a public use on the ground floor. Each student could develop his/her individual scenario about the users of the building. The area of intervention was Ampelokipoi area, in the central urban area of Athens.

    The photos are taken during the End of the Year Exhibition 2017, where the students are exhibiting their projects.

Student team:

M. Christoforou, A. Augoustidis, E. Santorinaios,

M. Kanellopoulou, A. Pollatou, C. Liaskas, D. Zikos, A. Stamatopoulos, M. Alexopoulos, S. Monos,

I. Athanasiou, St. Rotidis, P. Konomi, K. Vasilaki,

G. Giannakou

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