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The Art Fund Pavillion Architecture Competition

date: 2009

location: London, UK

status: competition entry (team: C. Nikoloutsou, M. Valenti, J. Ramirios)

  The concept of the pavilion combines the behaviour of the Lightbox site surroundings and that of a bridge with the tendency to cross the neighbouring canal. The LightBox consists of individual fragmented components, forming a curved element that “embraces” the visitors. The users have the opportunity to observe the surrounding area by climbing up to the highest frame or wonder throughout the pavilion, enjoying the views to the area created by the vertical windows of the structure. Given the overall volume and shape, as well as the plan organisation, visitors seek unique views and various perspectives of the area of the pavilion.
    The outdoor possibilities of the structure are maximised by the use of the frames as an open air amphitheater. The circulation dynamic is expressed in a gesture that promotes socializing, such as an amphitheater.  The structure adopts the Lightbox’s characteristics of disassembly and modularity to define a basic parameter of the pavilion.The Pavilion’s three scales of activities; informal party space, exhibition  area, and open-air amphitheater, form an environment that starts a creative dialogue with an existing building. 

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